Electronics require the use of a variety of components, including varistors. These devices help to control surges in voltage in electronics and balance the power in these items. Understanding the protection offered by a varistor and its ability to control voltage is essential when deciding to buy one to use with your electronic machines.

Why are these components necessary?

A varistor is a series of components that resist electrical voltages and help prevent dangerous surges. They are similar to a diode but allow transverse currents to travel both ways along its body. They are used in most types of electronic items, including computers and other forms of control modules.

In some instances, they can be used as protection against excessive voltage. Varistors can also steer excessive voltage away from sensitive areas of a machine.

How do varistor devices vary between models?

Varistors vary quite heavily between different models. For example, a metal oxide varistor has a different build than a series built out of crystals. The series of a varistor varies depending on the voltage it can hold, the devices it is used to control, and the type of power used in its build.

For example, a potentiometer is a metal oxide varistor that provides protection against potential power surges and excessive voltage. Metal oxide varistor devices are typically utilized because they are easier to build and control a majority of extreme power and voltage surges. However, PCB mount thermistors differ from metal oxide varistors because they work from the outside of a computer to provide protection.

What varistors specifications are necessary to consider?

When buying varistors for your devices, it is crucial to consider several specifications. The most obvious is the voltage rating. They are designed to tolerate a specific voltage level without suffering from any damage. This rating is typically defined in how many microseconds of time that they can resist excessive energy, such as 8/20 microseconds.

Another important consideration when choosing a series of these products is their response time. It indicates how quickly the varistor device responds to excessive voltages. Most series types will range between 40-60 nanoseconds. Finding a quicker varistor ensures your computer is protected. That said, there are no standardized ratings available for this specification.

The other important consideration when buying a series of these devices is their capacitance. This indicates the exact power they hold when they are in use. This range is typically between 100-2,500 pF. Smaller models with lower capacitance are available for products such as cell phones or tablets.