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The Classic Virgin Mobile Flip Phone Lets You Stay in Touch

A traditional Virgin Mobile flip phone carries out all the basic functions appropriate for a user interested in a simple device. Not only can the flip model be used as a backup or emergency phone, users who only need to perform basic calling could choose it as a primary one. Extras found on certain models expand the basic capabilities even further.

What are the features of the Virgin Mobile selections?

The flip mobile phone models come with special features designed to give the user performance options beyond just making and receiving calls. Added performance features include the following:

  • Text messaging: In addition to making phone calls, many people use their Virgin Mobile devices to send text messages. A clear LCD display and easy typing setup makes reading and writing texts fairly straightforward.
  • Speakerphone: Why keep the phone close to your ear when you dont have to? In certain situations, taking advantage of the speakerphone makes better sense. Certain flip models do come with hands-free speakerphone capabilities.
  • Voicemail: The ability to easily recall messages should not be taken for granted. Clear audio on the voicemail allows users to review messages without being concerned about not properly hearing the recorded audio.
  • Internet browsing: The installed internet browser makes it possible to pull up web pages. Checking email, looking at social media, and reviewing preferred sites wont be difficult.
  • Caller ID: The number of the person calling shows up on the display. Screen calls as desired with this function.

What is meant by "talk time" and "standby mode?"

These terms refer to how the usage of the phone affects the battery. When the device is in use, power drains from the battery to power any executed functions. Talk time refers to the maximum amount of time the user can speak on the telephone with a fully-charged battery. Standby refers to how long the phone remains on and powered when not being used in any way. A Virgin Mobile device could offer talk time of 200 hours and standby time of 700 hours.

Be aware, however, that other uses of the mobile would drain that amount of time down. The 200 hours of talk time would be reduced when also using the phone to send text messages. All functions require battery power for performance and reduce the charge.

Where are video/still images stored?

If the phone has an installed camera, video and still images would be stored on the devices internal drive. The storage capacity varies with some models offering more than 250 MB, as one example.

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