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Watering Cans

A watering can is an essential gardening tool that allows you to transport water from the hose to various parts of the garden. Some areas can be difficult to access using a water hose, and some distances simply cannot be covered by the length of a water hose pipe. A simple plastic watering can is a simple fix to these common problems and will also add a lot of convenience when working in the garden.

Are there decorative watering cans available?

Many watering cans available are standard, utilitarian plastic models; however, you can find unique decorative watering cans as well. They come in various colors, shapes, and sizes to highlight your home decor or favorite themes. Some decorative watering cans are also made out of different materials like steel and copper. Other decorative watering cans have various style elements like wooden accents, rustic designs, and unconventional shapes.

What watering can features should you be aware of?

Watering cans may often appear to be similar to one another, as they serve the same basic function to bring water to your plants. However, you can also choose certain watering cans with extra features that help with functionality. For example, some cans will allow you to control the flow and the spray while you are watering. This comes in handy when watering denser plants and small trees.

There are also watering cans that have longer spouts to help you spray the plant roots more easily. You'll also find that the handles have different designs. Some offer two handles to help you carry the can and water with it. Others have a handle that goes over the top to the side of the body. While this appears like a decorative design element, it actually allows you to adjust the weight and balance of the can.

Importantly, pay attention to how much each can or container is able to hold. This will allow you to minimize your trips from the hose back to the areas of your garden. The weight of the can or container itself should also be a factor. Plastic cans are usually light and ideal for heavy use.

What materials are watering cans made from?

Plastic watering cans are one common option to comfortably water your garden or plants. But if you want something with a durable, metal look and feel, stainless steel is a great choice as it is resistant to the elements. It's also great if you're trying to make your gardening area look more decorative. The stainless steel will add a modern, sleek, and minimalist look. Many people that have potted plants or small indoor gardens may also prefer something that adds to the decor of the space. In this case, copper may be something to consider. It'll add a classic vintage look to your space. Some copper watering cans also have unique patterns on the outside which further enhances their presentation.

Another alternative is to go with a plastic watering can that is made out of impact-resistant plastic. These hardy options are designed to resist denting and bending from simple bumps and drops. And if you're all about being green, you'll be glad to know that there are plastic cans that are recyclable.

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