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Garden Hose Nozzles & Wands

Not all garden spaces are created with similar dimensions; some take odd angles while others dip in unpredictable places. Obstacles, whether storage sheds, trees, or large plantings, can require hands-on watering with a garden hose. Here are some hose nozzles that solve these water problems.

Do hose nozzles reduce water pressure?

Residential water typically runs through a hose at rates of 40 to 70 pounds per square inch but can reach up to 100 pounds per square inch. When you attach a nozzle to your garden hose, it will adjust flowing water to the pressure you need, either a steady spray or jet stream, for watering flowers or cleaning your driveway.

What spray patterns should you use and when?

Spray nozzle options vary, with some spray nozzles offering up to seven or more spray patterns. Here a few of the most common sprayer patterns and the jobs for which they are used:

  • Fine Mist Spray: Use the mist sprayer to water flower gardens, baskets, and any other delicate plants or landscape features.
  • Steady Shower Spray: Giving your lawn a steady shower every other day will keep it lush throughout the summer. This sprayer is also useful when washing your car.
  • Focused Jet Spray: This powerful sprayer comes in handy when getting leaves out of your gutters or off your driveway. High-pressure water jets also clean dirt out of sidewalk cracks.
What are the different kinds of adjustable nozzles?

Almost all hose nozzles are adjustable. Choose one that you find comfortable and that fits your hose. Most hose nozzles fit standard hose threads. Many hose nozzles are ergonomic, meaning their trigger has a comfortable grip. This makes it easy for you to make an adjustment to the sprayer and to grip the hose nozzle for extended periods. Here are a few basic types.

  • Pistol Grip: This traditional water nozzle features a straight handle and a flat trigger.
  • Dial: A dial spray nozzle is highly adjustable and suited for use with long hoses and for those who switch spray patterns frequently.
  • Watering Wand: For raised beds, small gardens and hanging baskets, watering wands spray tough-to-reach spaces.
  • Fan: Fan nozzles provide a steady stream for quick watering and smaller gardens.
  • Straight: Low-fuss and long-lasting, these cylindrical nozzles are adjusted with a twist to the right or left, not with a trigger. They fit practically all hoses.

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