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Creating a Masterpiece With Weaving Looms

A weaving loom allows you to create a unique tapestry craft from scratch. Your tapestry is formed on the weaving loom with your chosen yarn or thread. Wooden weaving kits are available for use by children or adults for making handcrafted items, and you can find several different types on eBay.

What are the types of weaving looms?

Weavers are in the business of making tapestries or fabrics by hand on their chosen weaving loom type, such as:

  • Rigid heddle weaving loom
  • Wooden weaving loom
  • Frame weaving loom
  • Inkle weaving loom
What do you weave on a loom?

Yarn can be woven into fabrics and tapestries of every size. One thread is chosen for the warp and mingled at a 90-degree angle with the alternate filling thread on the wooden loom itself. This process creates the weave of the tapestry. The end product depends on the particular craft, kit, and experience level of the weaver. Typical projects for different skill levels include:

  • Beginners - Children may use a plastic loom for weaving potholders by hand with fabric bands.
  • Basic - Crafters may begin by weaving placemats, small mats, or coasters.
  • Experienced - Once you master the process of weaving, you can create your own rugs or wall hangings with intricate patterns.
How does a weaving shuttle work?

Shuttles maintain tension in the material being shuttled across. Some wooden ones are open on the bottom, which makes them lighter to work with. Closed types are slightly heavier, but you may find them easier to use for passing the bobbin through your shed. They are essentially picking sticks made of wood that make weaving more efficient.

There are many types of flying wooden shuttles, and you need to choose the most appropriate one for the material you will be weaving with. Some shuttle options include:

  • Boat - This is usually used with a floor loom. A bobbin is inserted into the boat, which is then passed through the shed. One type is the end delivery boat, which uses a pern instead of a bobbin while weaving.
  • Stick - This type works well with smaller looms. There is even a stick that can be used by those who weave with rags.
  • Ski - For those working with yarns with exceptional bulk, this type is necessary.
  • Belt - These have notched ends in the wood, which are designed to press the weft yarn where it belongs.

Determine the profile of shuttle you prefer for your particular weaving project. To create a cohesive weave, the shuttle is an integral part of choosing a new or used weaving loom. Remember that those with a more slender height will be easier to pass through narrow sheds on the loom.