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Whirlpool Refrigerators

The Whirlpool brand offers a wide selection of devices, which fill a variety of needs. Many of these refrigerators share the same basic characteristics. All, however, come with different features to serve a variety of purposes.

What are the key features of a Whirlpool refrigerator?

Every model of Whirlpool refrigerator is designed with temperature controls that you can adjust to meet the needs of the foodstuffs you are storing within them. However, some models have different features than others, which you should be aware of as you make your purchasing decision. These features include:

  • Extra shelf space: Some Whirlpool models are designed with additional storage efficiency. Extra shelves are placed side-by-side. Drawers can also be added to the bottom of the appliance underneath the shelves to increase storage capacity. This may also help categorize food as well.
  • Freezer options: Depending on the model and your needs, the freezer portion of the refrigerator may be larger or smaller. If you think you will store a lot of foodstuffs long-term, you can choose a larger-sized freezer compartment. Freezer and refrigerator combinations come side-by-side on some models or stacked on top of one another in others. However, the freezer is located on the bottom in the majority of models.
  • Additional accessories: While keeping food cold or frozen is the primary goal of any fridge, the Whirlpool brand also offers some additional features. Some models come with filters for the ice or water they dispense. Many offer dispensers that will provide ice in a number of shapes and configurations, including cubed and crushed.
What should you consider before buying a Whirlpool fridge?

Once youve decided on the features you would like to have, you should consider some basic specifications. Here are some important points to think about:

  • Construction materials: There are a variety of materials and finishes from which to choose for your Whirlpool refrigerator.
  • Overall appearance: You should consider what appliances you already have in your kitchen and how they might match with your chosen refrigerator. Stainless steel, white, and black are some common appliance colors to choose from.
  • Dimensions and fit: If youre purchasing a device that will go into a pre-determined space, it pays to measure twice and cut once. Make sure that if you want to install the fridge in a specific location, such as underneath a counter, that youve properly measured aspects such as the counter depth first.
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