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Make Backing Your Vehicle Easier with a Wireless Backup Camera

Avoid getting into accidents when backing up your vehicle with a wireless backup camera. The cameras are easy to operate and serve as a great safety feature to add to your car or truck. Narrowing down the selection of cameras available on eBay can be easy if you know what to look for when searching for one.

Can any backup camera be used on any vehicle?

Some backup cameras are universal and can be used on any vehicle. If you plan to use the in-dash display you already have in your vehicle, you may need to purchase a backup camera, available on eBay, that is compatible with the exact make and model of car with which you plan to use it. This ensures the two are compatible and function well together.

Where are the cameras mounted on wireless backup cameras?
  • License Plate Mounting - There are some backup cameras that are mounted on the license plate of the car. The screws that hold the license plate in place are removed and the mount for the camera is held in place as the screws are put back into place. This is a great option for cars that are being leased because it causes no damage to the car.
  • Lip-Mounted Cameras - There are wireless backup cameras that are mounted on the lip located directly above the license plate of the car. Some of the cameras use a suction design to keep the mount in place, while others require mounting tape or adhesive to keep the mount secure.
  • Bracket-Mounted Cameras - Some cameras come with a bracket that is secured to the car to keep the camera in place. There are often many different installation position options when it comes to a bracket-mounted wireless backup camera.
What monitor display options are available for backup cameras?
  • In-Dash System - An in-dash system is a system that is installed directly into the dash of your car. The system often operates more than just the backup camera though. Music, video, and the backup camera may all be controlled by one device.
  • Dash-Mounted Display - A dash-mounted display is a display that is attached to the top of the dashboard of a car with a mounting system. The mount keeps the monitor in place so that it doesn't move around while you drive. These systems only operate the backup camera and nothing else within the vehicle.
  • Rear-View Mirror Display - A rear-view mirror display is ideal for cars that have limited dashboard room available. The screen is displayed on the rear-view mirror so that no mounting equipment is needed and no major changes have to be made to your vehicle in order to use the device.