Yamaha 5-String Bass Guitar

Bass guitars are musical instruments that play in lower pitches than standard guitars. In songs, they are responsible for keeping steady pulses and linking the harmony and rhythm together. A 5-string bass guitar offers B-E-A-D-G strings instead of the standard E-A-D-G—meaning it can play many lower notes compared to a 4-string bass guitar.

What are the parts of a Yamaha 5-String bass guitar?An electric bass, like a new or vintage Yamaha 5-string bass, will feature the following parts.
  • Neck: This piece includes the headstock, fretboard, and truss rod. It can connect to the bass body in different ways to perform various functions and produce varied sounds.
  • Headstock: This is the wide piece at the top of the neck. The bass strings terminate here at the tuning pegs, which are sometimes called tuning keys or tuners. They are attached to the neck with either hard plastic or bone.
  • Fretboard: Sometimes called a fingerboard, this part of the bass guitar is made from rosewood, maple, or ebony. It is hard and dense to stand up to wear and tear and embedded with strips of metal called frets. The frets determine where each note falls on the neck.
  • Truss rod: A truss rod is a metal rod that runs through the length of the neck to prevent bending or bowing from tension. Some models have rods with adjustable height.
  • An optional piece is a bass pickup, which offers deep tones and added clarity for each note played.
What are the different Yamaha 5-String guitar necks?
  • Bolt-on: The neck is bolted to the body of the bass guitar. This keeps the neck stable and does not allow it to move up or down during playing. It also provides better string vibration and longer sustain.
  • Set: These necks are attached to the bass body with a dovetail or mortise joint rather than bolts. These can be more difficult to adjust than bolt-on necks, but they provide better resonance and sustain.
  • Thru-body: These necks are made from one continuous piece of wood that extends from the body. Since there is no joint between the neck and body here, the vibrations, response, and sustain tend to be stronger than what would be produced by guitars with other neck types.
What are the Yamaha 5-String guitar body styles?
  • Solidbody: These electric bass guitar bodies can be made from solid pieces of alder, maple, swamp ash, mahogany, or other types of wood that accurately transfer vibrations. Beginner bass guitars may use solid pieces of plastic, pressed wood, or laminated wood plies to form the body.
  • Hollowbody: These Yamaha electric bass guitars have a completely hollow body. This provides a quieter, more acoustic-sounding tone for the 5-string bass. They weigh less than solid body guitars.
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