Yamaha Home Audio Integrated Amplifiers

How to Select Home Integrated Amplifiers

To boost your home sound system or home theater, a Yamaha home audio integrated amplifier works like a super-sized receiver would. The difference is that instead of including disc players like an AV receiver might, these work to amp up performance and add increased audio to your existing components.

What Features Do Amplifiers Offer?

Yamaha doesnt skimp when it comes to producing tech for your stereo that offers impressive sound, and an amplifier is no exception. You can select the type of tech that fits your system by checking out which features these electronics have to offer.

  • There are numerous outputs for your peripheral pieces, such as HDMI and AV ports, which you can use for everything from speakers to DVD players, your television, and a Blu-ray player. You can also connect an MP3 player to some models or add a turntable to play your vintage vinyl.
  • Wireless amplifiers work by connecting to your tech using Bluetooth capability. This gives you the chance to stream wireless content over the Internet, giving you more versatility. Some models even have Wi-Fi capability.
  • The brand uses Pure Direct mode to create sound without feedback or distortion, which keeps your audio pure and crystal clear. The powerful sound of the amplifiers can reach watts of over 80 per channel or more, depending on how large your space is.

Whats an Integrated Amplifier?

What does the word "integrated" mean with regard to your sound system, and how important is adding an amplifier thats integrated to your home stereo system?

  • Since the word "integrated" means a combination of two or more things, its not a surprise that this type of amplifier contains both a preamplifier and an amplifier in one form factor.
  • This two-for-one type of device reduces the need for added components to leave more space for peripheral items like speakers, your TV, and media players.
  • Youll need to make sure that since youre combining components that you still get what you need, such as the right inputs or perhaps a built-in DAC, which can convert different types of media to the correct playable format and enhance the audio.

How Many Channels Do You Need?

Looking at audio equipment presents you with many choices, and when youre faced with stereo, tech channels are usually involved. In the case of this type of home theater audio piece, what do channels refer to?

  • Though mono-channel (sometimes called single-channel) and two-channel amps are common, there are also multi-channel options available that vary up to four.
  • Two channels are usually enough for a standard setup.
  • For audiophiles who may be connecting numerous speakers, more channels are required to support the necessary power.

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