Yellow Board Game Pieces & Parts

Losing a single part to one of your favorite yellow board games can make it impossible to play it again. While you might look for things you can use in place, you can also buy replacement parts. You need to know exactly what game you have, what edition, and other factors.

How to buy replacement game parts

Whether you buy new or used games, it may not come with all the pieces that you need. An error on the manufacturer's part or a problem with quality control can lead to missing pieces. When buying replacements, you need to consider a few things.

  • Name: The first thing you need is the name of the game itself. You can usually see this on the front, side, or bottom of the box. If you purchase just a board, you can check the writing around the edges. Manufacturers generally put the name and copyright date on the board.
  • Manufacturer: Look for a manufacturer name too, especially if the company that made the product changed over the years. This helps you figure out what edition you have and get replacement parts that fit the game.
  • Edition: Some games may change from decade to decade, which is why you need to track down the edition of yours. One example is Trivial Pursuit, which came out in different editions over the years. Pieces designed for one edition will not work with others.
  • Age: If you aren't sure on the edition that you have, you can figure out the general age of the game. Finding out the age helps you find replacements that are compatible with your board.
What is the difference between pieces and parts?

One thing to consider is whether you need yellow board game pieces or parts. Pieces, also called game pieces, are what you use when playing. Each one represents each individual player on the board and shows where that person is while playing. These pieces include the triangles and circles in Trivial Pursuit and the movers or pawns from Sorry, for example. Parts are functional things that the game requires before you can play. Both Mousetrap and Operation have parts that make playing impossible when one goes missing.

What titles can you buy replacements for?

Adults and kids alike can break or lose small pieces when putting the box away. You might lose some of the bright yellow pieces of paper needed for Monopoly gameplay. Monopoly cards are a common replacement found online. These sets may come with "Go to Jail," "Community Chest," and similar pieces that you need when playing. Diggity Dog is another one that has yellow parts you might misplace. Other games that you might need replacements for include:

  • Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • Mousetrap
  • Pandemic
  • Risk
  • Operation
What are expansion packs?

Board games like Trivial Pursuit only come with a set number of questions. Once you go through those questions, you may not want to play again. Expansion packs come with a new series of cards that give you new questions or tasks within the game. Those packs help you get more use out of the game.