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Create Your Own Sound System with Zu Audio

You can design your own home stereo system with reasonably priced products from Zu Audio. They have the components to create a customized system, and you can find this equipment on eBay. Here are a few things to know before setting up your home audio system.

What is a Hi-fi speaker system?

High fidelity sound is a term used in the audio industry. It refers to the high-quality reproduction of sound in an audio component. Hi-fi is the preferred quality of sound for many consumers. If you are looking to create a Hi-fi system, you will need a few components. A Hi-fi speaker system has two speakers. They are designed for stereo sound with a right channel and a left channel. A Hi-fi speaker system produces the best sound when the speakers are floor standing units. These speakers can generate a better frequency range. Floor standing speakers have components dedicated to treble, midrange, and bass tones. If you don't have the room for a full floor speaker, you should consider purchasing a subwoofer. It can help you hear the deep bass tone that can be missed by a compact or bookshelf speaker.

What is a subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a special loudspeaker. It is the driver that can reproduce low-pitch frequencies. Most home subwoofers can reach frequencies between 20 to 200Hz. The subwoofer is not one component, but it is made of several smaller woofers. These components are housed in a wood enclosure to eliminate any sound inference. Active subwoofers are powered by a built-in amplifier. Passive subwoofers need power from an external amplifier.

What components are needed for a home entertainment system?

If you are looking to set up your own audio system, there are a few things to consider for your purchase. You want to find the right product that gives you optimal sound for your entertainment system. The 5.1 system contains five channels and a bass speaker. A sound system should contain the following components:

  • Front speakers: You want a left and right speaker for stereo sound.
  • Center speaker: It helps to reproduce the multi-channels between the two front speakers.
  • Surround speakers: These speakers can help recreate the sound effects from a film or add additional background sounds.
  • Subwoofer: This component adds more bass by adding low frequency to your music or movies.
What products does Zu Audio offer?

Zu Audio has a full line of products to help you get the best sound quality out of your system. Some of these products include the following:

  • Loudspeakers
  • Cables
  • Subwoofers
  • Turntables
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