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Choosing the Right Apple iPhone 13 Pro Mobile Phone

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro is a powerful smartphone with several different options when it comes to colors, storage capacities, and accessories. Choosing the right phone largely depends on how you intend on using the device. This will help you select the right one for your needs.

What are the Apple iPhone 13 Pro storage capacities?

There are four different storage capacities to choose from with the Apple 13 Pro iPhone. Some people choose the same storage capacity that they already have whereas others want to change what they currently have. It's important to choose the right storage capacity because these devices do not allow for expandable media. The different storage capacities are:

  • 128GB: This is good if you have some pictures and videos, but you don't plan on saving many big files.
  • 256GB: If you intend on saving some big files but not that many, then this size might be right for you.
  • 512GB: One of the biggest sizes, you can save larger files, apps, and videos while still having space.
  • 1TB: Rivaling some desktops, this is the biggest size and gives you lots of room for large files.
Apple iPhone 13 Pro colors

There are four colors to choose from with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro phones. It is important to remember that this color only changes the back and sides of the phone. The front will have a slight black border regardless of which color you choose. If you have a case, then it will likely cover up the color unless the case is clear. At the same time, many people want to choose a specific color for their devices.

You can choose between silver, gold, graphite, and Sierra blue. The silver and gold are self-explanatory. The graphite Apple iPhone 13 Pro color is a dark gray that is muted and neutral. The Sierra blue Apple iPhone 13 Pro is a light blue that is bright and vibrant.

What are typical accessories for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro?

There are some common accessories that people often pair with the iPhone purchase. Some of the most common accessories include:

  • Cases: These go on the back of your phone and protect it against scratches and damage.
  • Screen Protectors: These are clear sheets of plastic that cover and protect the iPhone screen.
  • Lightning Charger: An iPhone-specific charger, this should come with your purchase, but some people buy an extra charger.
  • MagSafe Charger: This is a magnetic charger that connects to the back of the device and that charges without plugging into the charging port.
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