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About Apple iPhone X
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Apple iPhone X - Price New and Used

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from $496 to $561
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Apple iPhone X Cell Phone
Apple iPhone X
Screen Size
5.8 inches
Display Resolution
Operating System
iOS 11.1.1, upgradeable to 12.1
Camera (Rear/Front)
12+12 dual/7 MP
5.65 x 2.79 x 0.3 inches
6.14 oz
Internal Memory
64/256 GB
3 GB
Hexa-core 2.39 GHz
Battery Capacity
Up to 21 hours 3G talk time (2716 mAh)
iPhone X Phones

iPhone X

When it comes to a dazzling display, X marks the spot. The iPhone X makes a bold claim; the device is the first of its kind to offer a fully immersive, full-screen experience unlike any other. With millions of vibrant colors, the sleek screen is just one of the many benefits of this iPhone.


Measuring in at a large 5.8 inches, the oversized screen instantly catches your eye. The curved design makes the OLED display easy to hold. Packed with a powerful A11 processing chip, the phone performs in a way like never before, and can take on 600 billion tasks per second. A long-lasting battery gives you two more hours of use than the iPhone 7s battery. The mobile phone charges wirelessly via a charging pad for added portability and convenience.


The first phone to offer Face ID, the iPhone X takes Touch ID one step further by letting you open your phone via facial recognition. Instead of a password or pressing your fingertip to your phone, simply look into the camera to open your phone to use Apple Pay. Without a Home button, you get to your main screen with a swipe. Augmented Reality lets you step into a three-dimensional world with games and applications.


Apple fans clamor for the camera each time a new Apple iPhone comes out, and the X features one for shutterbugs to get excited about. This phone offers a TrueDepth camera, which uses special sensors to focus in on the subject and create a more artistic-looking background. Packed with a brilliant 12MP, Apple added even more filters as well as a telephoto lens and studio-quality lighting for professional portraits. Shoot perfect pictures in any lighting situation, and zoom in up to 10x for finer details.

Display and Design

Though the iPhone X stuns with specs, the true beauty of the phone lies in its design. Created with technology that ensures not only softly curved edges but a stunning screen that creates more detailed color saturation, the X separates the blacks from the whites and uses a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast to provide depth and dimension. Crafted from quality and sturdy glass, the X is water and dust resistant, and made from durable, surgical-grade steel. The phone comes in two colors, space gray and silver. Pick up your iPhone X today and see what the hype is about.

Other iPhones

The iPhone X is a lot to take in, and maybe its just too much phone for you to handle. Dont worry, Apple has a host of other iPhones packed with just as many cool features and options with large screens, such as the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 7 Plus. Check out everything the brand has to offer, including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, or iPhone 6s Plus, or get into the previous model when you opt for an iPhone 7 and see why the brand continues to be so popular.

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