Choosing Cases and Covers for Portable Media Players

When a device goes with you everywhere, it is likely to get a bit worn. Picking the right case for your iPod Touch can help to protect it against all kinds of impacts as well as scratches.

What Kind of Case Do I Need?

  • Hybrid cases combine multiple pieces to provide different types of protection. Typically, a flexible silicone sleeve wraps around the iPod to absorb shocks, and a hard shell fits over the top. This type of shockproof case is relatively bulky but very protective. A lot of rugged case designs are black and tactical-looking, but you can also find brighter styles.
  • Slimmer cases often aren't as tough as hybrids, but they can still offer a good level of protection for your iPod Touch when made from tough polycarbonate or TPU. Again, there are a lot of choices of designs here, from plain black to bright patterns. Some styles may feature multiple materials and other protective features like corner bumpers.

Which Features Might I Want?

  • Look for a case that allows access to all of the iPod's ports and jacks to preserve all of its functionality. The 6th Gen iPod Touch also has a camera that could be blocked by some types of case. If you still want to be able to use all of the iPod's features as Apple intended, look for a case designed specifically for that model.
  • Make sure that the selected case is designed specifically for the model of iPod. A 4th generation iPod Touch is a different size and shape to a 6th Gen iPod Touch, so a 4th generation or 5th generation case won't fit. An improperly fitted case may not provide the level of protection that you want.
  • Some cases have a specially textured surface to make them easier to grip. This can really help with security, although it does limit the range of designs a little.
  • iPod cases come in a lot of different colors and designs. While black cases are common, there are also bright colors and patterns as well as clear cases that let you see your iPod's original shape. You can also find iPod cases in different shapes.

How Else Can I Protect My iPod?

  • The iPod Touch's touchscreen is its major feature but also potentially a magnet for scratches. Applying a clear, scratch-proof screen protector helps to keep your iPod Touch's screen clear and responsive.
  • Apple's minimalist designs aren't right for everyone. If you aren't worried as much about protection and just want to change up the iPod's style, apply a decorative skin. Skins are easy to apply and remove and come in a huge range of colors and designs.

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